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This group is about some your favourite Character on Crash Bandicoot about Heroes Character, Allies Character and Villains Character from the story. If you want to join the group to become Fan of Crash Bandicoot.

P.S. I only add Characters who got confirm in the story ok
Founded 3 Years ago
Dec 27, 2013


160 Members
149 Watchers
7,403 Pageviews
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Hey guys it's melito2010.

Well SuperSaiyanCrash decided a new Story who will be after The Legends of Crash Bandicoot x Crash Bandicoot Retold It's call The 7 Anthros. The New Story is about 7 Brave Anthros and who are Goku(SuperSaiyanCrash's OC), Kayden(ConformalSquid's OC), Mizuki(KagamineMix's OC), Steph(StephDragonness's OC), Maximus(Pyrus-Leonidas's OC), Catlin(LateNightBandicoot's OC) and Tom(melito2010's OC ).

Queen Grace(JuliSketch's OC) is the Good Queen.

Also They're will be some Cameos Character.

List of Cameo Characters:
Jin(SuperSaiyanCrash's Oc) Bodyguard of the Queen
Cody(LateNightBandicoot's OC) Bodyguard of the Queen
Cora(LateNightBandicoot's OC)
Felix ( ???'s OC) Servant to the King and Queen
Silnat (Silnat's Oc )
Crosserdog (crosserdog1's OC )
Hadley (hadleywow's OC )
Logan (Sonicbran23's OC )
Valter (melito2010's OC )
Blair (Multisonicrules's OC )
Tormeto(DragonSkullable's OC ???)
Bethany(ChaosDancer12's OC)
Tamina(Pyrus-Leonidas's OC)
Chase(BubbliciousAirheads's OC)
Aiko(FoxylovesAhri's OC)

Villans are the Couple call GloomDragons; Jeice and Leela……

P.S. But for now Enjoy the continuation of LOCXCBR. More Character(Just Cameos) will be Upgrade Soon for the 7 Anthros.

Any suggestions?
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